Word with the Wise Wednesday: Vanessa Clark

1. What important life lessons have you learned so far?
I would say the most important thing has been that everything comes forth from your purpose in life.  Every decision, relationship and connection is tied to the plan for your life...  It is important to flow with and embrace the stages and seasons of change that come with life.  Once I was operating in my purpose as an individual and now I am in a season of purpose that includes my family.  

2. How is the world today different or similar to what it was like when you were a child?
The major change is not so much in the world as it is in me.  I have a different awareness.  There is an awakening that has occurred as I've matured and my outlook filters the way I see the world.  For me, it is all about my eyes being opened to God's plan and the depth of purpose in my life.  I was not aware of this as a child as much as I am now.  Regarding the world, what has been has always been.  There were bad things then and bad things now... good things and good things now.

3. What has been your hardest lesson to date?
To let go of things.  In order to attain serenity and peace, I have to give whatever "it" is up and trust that all will be taken care of.

4.  What is the one thing you want people to remember about you?
I was an example of light in the world.

Vanessa, affectionately called Vanes, is my home slice.  She's sweet like sugar...  Seriously, one of the sweetest and most genuine people I know.  We cheered together in college, traveled and worked together doing coaching and choreography and never got on each other's nerves.  (Call me on it if I'm lying, Vanes!) :)  Working with her was ideal because we balanced each other out so well.  We have many laughs and fun memories together.  She is one of the amigas who inspired my how to be a fab friend post.  We have laughed, cried and prayed together... still do!  We share our hopes, dreams, fears and encourage each other to overcome, let go, have faith, and keep moving forward.  She is a very loving and dedicated wife and mother.  You met her hubby last week in word with the wise wednesday.  Now you get to meet the awesomeness that is Vanes!  If you can't tell already, I think she's pretty darn fantastic.   

Let your light shine today and always.


  1. Vanessa Clark8/03/2011 10:47 AM

    You are total sweetness! What a valued friend you are thanks for all the kind words and many lessons you have taught me over the years...or God taught me through YOU! :) love ya!

  2. Aww... thank you!!! Love you too, Vanes!!!


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