a book that is fab

Guess what!  My gal pal, Holly, just self published an amazing book!  It's called 5 Things- Holiday Style: Making the Season Meaningful.  Affordable.  Unforgettable.  It is a 3 month holiday celebration guide full of traditions, recipes, and stories that will make you laugh and cry!  (Cry in a good way, of course... not the ugly cry.) The best thing is the traditions and activities are applicable to every age and stage of life.  This books is for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles... anyone who wants to use it, really.  Holly is the type of friend who always has goooood ideas that are thoughtful, timeless and deeply significant.  She is the reason why my family and I write a prayer to Jesus and keep it in our Christmas stocking year after year.  The first year we did this, our child (who was unable to write at the time) dictated 4 pages of notes!  Talk about precious!!!  

I just got my 2011 prayer out of my stocking and read it.  It touches me to the core and moves me to tears.  I can see so many prayers answered as well as areas where I am still growing and learning.  I tell ya, a tradition like that is invaluable.  Holly also introduced me to the term "age appropriate" (which we use like gangbusters around these parts) and her delectable pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  I eat the cookies in one bite I don't even like pumpkin.  They're that good.  

I'm not telling you about this book because Holly is my friend.  I mean, that's part of it, but really, I'm sharing it with you because it is fabulous and you know I love to share the good stuff!  This book is like a cheat sheet of  delicious eats, games, anecdotes, traditions and fun for every budget and stage of life.  5 Things- Holiday Style encompasses all that we all deeply desire to give, experience and share with the people we love year after year.  It encourages faith, love and provides the mechanics to create awesome opportunities for memory making.  All the tips, tidbits and traditions apply to both older and younger children, so everybody is included!  My bragging doesn't even do it justice, so please check it out for yourself!  If you're interested, you can order it on Amazon or Create Space.  I bought a copy for myself and a copy for a friend.  It's that fab!  You'll love it!  Pinky swear!

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