I am a Worshipper

photograph courtesy of Jadyn Noelle Photography

In recent years, I have come to realize and truly embrace the depth of my desire to worship someone or something.  I don't literally mean bowing down to when I use the word worship here.  Worship means my thoughts, feelings and emotions revolve around or figuratively bow down to ____.  Just want you to have the context of what I mean when I say worship... 

Initially, I attempted to worship some things like achievements, clothes, make-up, feelings, knowledge, fitness, and various trends.  After that didn't work so well, I focused more on people worship: friends, family, approval of others and "celebrities."  That was a hotmessfail too.  

So finally, I have realized and accepted this fact: I am a Worshipper.  In fact, I was created to worship.  For me that means writing, singing, loving my friends and fam, appreciating the beauty of a flower, the full moon (insert howl here) or a sunset.  It means that I help others, give generously, let go when necessary and forgive time and time again. I smile real big, laugh real hard, encourage others, love and accept people for who they are and live my life according to my beliefs and standards.  I try new things, make mistakes and keep moving forward with  a smile on my face and a grateful heart.  I hope that my life and my actions will ultimately express divine light and love.  For a few years there, I attempted to squelch my desire to worship because when I could not find fullness in people and things, I figured my need was incorrect.  Hogwash!  The need to worship is deep within us all.  We desire an unshakable bond of unconditional love to anchor us.  We are looking for someone or something to love and revere (read: worship).  The voyage is fundamentally about love, hope and redemption; all the stops on the road to acceptance are necessary checkpoints.  The journey is meant to bring us back home to a heart of worship that is anchored solely in the infallible, immovable, righteous and loving Creator.  For once in my life, I know who and what to worship.  God.  It's simply profound, really.  Unlike my previous mediocre attempts to deify common nouns, this worship always feels rooted, grounded and centered.  Even during the storms of life I'm anchored.  And I can shout* about it right now.  I am a Worshipper.  You are too. 

What will you choose to worship and adore?

p.s. shout here means get ya dance on because you're feeling the depth of the message.  You know it's real because you've lived it and you just might throw your back out to prove it.  This is not so much gyrating for Jesus ... well, maybe it is... First, you get goose bumps or your back arches involuntarily and next thing you know, you're getting your shout on...  Here shout means an instinctive (yet rhythmic) expression of gratitude and thanksgiving.  Just want you to know it has nothing to do with speaking loudly to another person.  ;D 

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