Reflections of Summertime

photograph courtesy of Jadyn Noelle Photography

catching lightning bugs
playing outside all day long (mostly by order of my Granny, but we learned to love it)
imaginary missions to outer space
riding bikes
pretending like we were in the olympics
chasing frogs
playing in the ditch
homemade frozens (freeze koolaid in a dixie cup, pop it out, turn it upside down then eat it)
riding bikes
family reunions (in the hottest month of the year...why? lol)
Granny's homemade ice cream
shucking corn
making up games and changing the rules as you go along
racing and running as fast as possible
jumping over the hen house
walking to the candylady's house
kicking my shoes (jelly sandals) up into the sky as high as possible until 1 shoe landed on the roof

As a child, I remember never wanting summertime to end... 

...but I'm over that now.  The heat has long since cured me of that longing lol!  
These days I'm more into embracing the season that I'm in...

What do you love and remember most about summertime?


  1. It is so hot here in Southwest Arkansas it's hard to appreciate summer . . . but I loved being able to stay up late and play outside even after the street lights came on . . .

    following now from Jen's blog!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Well, hello there, Mrs. Claus! So glad you've come to play!!! LOVE your idea of Christmas everyday... so very precious. Also love love loving the 30 days of pictures on Candy Jar Stories!!! Happy Happy Thursday ;D

  3. Oh, and ditto on playing after the street lights came on :D

  4. how about - playing hide & go seek; bbqs in the back yard; playing in the water when Daddy washed the cars or Mom was working in the garden; foot races in the street - and hopefully not barefoot or you burned the snot out of your feet! LOL

    And lol at the jelly shoes!!! Feet all stanky and sweaty...

  5. I remember the smell of summer. It smelled like watermelon, grass, and trees all put together. I remember going on child-made hiking trails until we stumble across a blacks snake and run home. I loved those times.

  6. Cheray- L to the OL about the sweaty feet of jellys! There was one summer that I LIVED in those shoes.

    Lacoyah- I LOVE your description of the smells of summertime... you're so accurate! I remember such a fresh, clean smell! I loved those times too.


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