subconsciously ticked?

So the other day I woke up subconsciously ticked.  You know when you're pissed off internally, but you have yet to fully acknowledge or realize it?  This is what I call being subconsciously ticked.  You're slightly irritated, annoyed or heated but the reason why has yet to surface.  I hope you catch my drift... but anyways, like I said, I woke up SubT and now as I reflect, this may or may not've had to do with any of the following:

It was hot.  Way hot. 
Seriously.  There were wildfires blazing outta control, the sky was shades of black, gray and burnt umber AND homes were being burnt to the ground.  Literally.  We were praying for rain.  Still are.  

Turns out editing a book is much more time consuming in real life than it is in my dreams.  

I got rear-ended (again!) while stopped at a redlight.  Boohiss.

I could add more things (I am an HSP... my neck and low back are hurting... what is it about soreness hitting the day--and subsequent days--after?) but I won't... even though I kinda just did hahaha

When I sat down to attend a wedding just days after aforementioned rear-ending, that is when I realized that I was SubT...  

(You may not know this about me, but weddings are my favvvvv. I would get married every year (to the same man!) if I could.  I simply adore weddings.  The decorations, the covenant, a promise to love, honor, cherish and forsake all others, a new family forming, a new beginning... a gloriously extravagant display of Love.  It makes my heart swoon every time.)  

...So as I witnessed holy matrimony, I released and let go of my SubT because once again I realized: Love Wins.  It sounds romantically hopeless, I know, but it is the truth.  Love always wins.  Always.  Wins.  And weddings symbolize this eternal truth.  As I sat in the lovely love-drenched atmosphere, SubT gave way to joy and gratitude.  Stories and laughter  filled the air as I engaged in heart felt conversation with friends who are like family.  These joys replaced  displaced SubT.  Thankfully.

Then came an overabundance of even more smile-inducing memories:

geeking out at the coffee shop with my twinnnn

"stim cells" -- electronic stimulatory goodness for a sore back

dinner with precious peeps 

holding a handsomely perfect six week old baby boy 

G.I. Joe missions galore

manicures and pedicures

flip flops




wedding cake

a sweet baby girl fast asleep in my arms

friends who watch your dog for you when you're out of town (even though you always forget to ask until the last minute) 

a good book

cream and sugar with a little bit of coffee

road trips!

sincerely heartfelt conversation

and then just a few moments ago, this video: 

No need to be subconsciously ticked, see?  
"Let's look at the world a little differently" 
because Love is super legit and it wins, yall.  
Now.  Later.  Or in the End.  

Love wins.   XO Sharita

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