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about sharita: 
I am an old soul, a seer, an extremely observant, high listener
I am a singer, writer, speaker, teacher
I am a facilitator and curator for matters of the heart

I’m a lover and a fighter, a victim and a survivor
In this life I desperately wanted a Norman Rockwell; 
however, I got a Picasso.  It’s ok. It’s all art. Divine art, actually. 
Even and especially the icky parts.  
I am committed to Being who I was born to be. 
I am passionate about Being my Best Self.
It's a bonus if I inspire someone else to do the same.

meat & potatoes bio:
witty | sincere | animated | intense
discerning, intuitive, highly sensitive person
Sanguine (likes to have fun) Choleric (BOSSY!)
encourager | truth-teller | deep-thinker | lifelong learner

avid researcher, sincere speaker, passionate teacher, soulful singer, reflective writer
lover of: music, stars, belly laughs, birds and butterflies, kindred spirits, Mini Coopers, cupcakes, Zumba, journals, unique jewelry, art, deep conversation, and just about anything salted caramel

just the appetizer:

passionate teacher, reflective writer, soulful singer
avid reader, deep thinker, sincerely honest speaker

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