Foolywank Friday: Acting like Democrats or Republicans can really fix all our problems.

Let me begin this post by saying that I believe in the idea of democracy and I am truly grateful for my country and the quality of life that I experience here.  I exercise and appreciate my right to vote; however, I have noticed this simple pattern that the majority of politicians seem to follow:  

Promises Made --> Promises Broken --> Blame Game Begins  *repeat*

I have watched this cycle more times than I can count and I'm pretty much over it.  Polarizing, extremist diatribes and the vitriolic speech I am hearing from both (Democrat and Republican) camps is no longer acceptable.  For years (YEARS) candidates from both sides of the fence have failed to deliver.  In theory, politics should be simple; however, with lobbyists, agendas, affiliations and special interest groups, things get really complicated rather quickly.  All these complications seem to cause a chasm between our elected officials and we the people.  

I am often flabbergasted by the faith that people place in mere men and women.  Flabbergasted.  All of our hopes and dreams were never meant to be placed in the hands of man.  Never.  Man* (including Democrats and Republicans) cannot fix all of man's problems.  The power of man alone is simply not enough because our problems run deep.  Way deep.  Most of the issues we are facing as a country center around matters of the heart: lust, greed, envy, pride, selfishness, gluttony, and anger.  And hate it or love it, it is impossible to legislate morality (matters of the heart).  I'm not saying give up and have no laws, either.  Obviously laws are necessary; however, matters of the heart are are meant to be governed by an inner standard of character, community standards, discipleship and ultimately a personal and life changing encounter with God.

Today I am wondering what happened to WE the people facing these issues TOGETHER as a country?  I believe in debate and lively discussion.  We are supposed to rally and champion for beliefs and causes near and dear to our heart; however, I do not believe in an US vs. THEM mentality nor do I believe name-calling, personal insults, attacks or blaming ONE person (which could be any of the following: H.W. Bush, Clinton, W. or Obama, depending upon your political affiliation) for ALL the problems we are facing and experiencing today.    

We are facing problems that have been years in the making.  Years... as in decades.  So again, blaming our President or any other individual is ludicrous.  

Seriously, what is it with the blame game?  It's old as the Garden of Eden... 
Is that the reason why we have allowed Blame to hang around so long when it does not accomplish anything?  We do not allow our children to do it, so why give ourselves or politicians a pass?  It is past time to stop and now seems like as good a time as any to give the blame game eternal rest.

Complaining, blaming, venting, spewing hot air... it's like sharing your cold with someone in the hopes that it will make you feel better.  Foolwanky, right?  Right.  Because at the end of it all, you still have the cold and now you've given someone else a cold too.  Engaging in divisive, blame-laden behavior accomplishes absolutely nothing.  It seems as if we have mistaken bashing and blaming someone with discussing and discovering real solutions, which is a FAIL of epic proportions.  

What if we agreed to discuss the issues (sans name calling, blame, personal attacks and anger) and treat one another with love and respect?  Imagine what would happen if we crossed political lines to pool our energy, ideas and resources to come up with viable solutions?  What if WE the people actually became the change that we so strongly wish to see?  
Even if I disagree with you, I don't have to berate you as a fellow human being because we are both worthy of love of respect.  I am not better than you and you are not better than me.  We are all the same in God's eyes.  Once upon a time, people did not agree on everything politically speaking and they still showed one another decency, courtesy and (adhered to the basic principles of) respect.  I saw this with my own eyes growing up.  

If you are one of those people who refer to someone as an "idiot" (or any other name) just because they do not agree with you, it's really time to re-think that.  What happened to caring about, finding out about that person's background, knowing their story and sharing yours so you both can discuss the issues and find solutions rather than resort to name calling a la 2nd grade?  Has our fast paced, technology obsessed, social media driven culture eradicated time to care about and truly engage with another human being?  If so, we're on the highway to hell.  Let's turn this car around, shall we? 

Whenever we (Americans) come together, whomever we're against KNOWS they're in trouble.  Lately though, it seems like we (Americans) are against each other.  We the people are better than this.  I am waiting for us to come together and work towards viable solutions.  Unity towards a common goal is one of the things that has always made America great.

I'm not sold out to any one political party or particular candidate because I'm not one to put my faith and hope in people or organizations.  I appreciate and exercise my right to vote; however, I have come to realize that you simply cannot legislate morality.  If you could, we would have no speeding, murders, or stealing because there are laws against all of that.  Matters of the heart require true change and true change comes through Christ.  

This post has been a few weeks in the making so no one thing has set it off.  I have thought like this and about this for quite some time now.  This post is not about bashing President Barack Obama or ANY other President, so don't go there.  This is about our political system which we have (sadly) allowed to become a well oiled, hypocritically malfunctioning machine.  

Comment if you dare, but leave the partisan foolywank and drama out of it.  If you haven't already, please read the comment policy (especially if this post has somehow ticked you off).  I love and I am friends with a variety of people: politically astute folks, politically ignorant folks, zealots, liberals, independents, and conservatives alike.  I genuinely love people and their opinions don't particularly bother me.  I can respect you (even if I don't agree with) your  position.  Today I am curious about lack of respect for each other, name calling, issuing blame and misplaced faith in the political arena.  

People over politics is how I roll.  How about you?

*you know, people... all huMANs 

p.s. Jesus for President by Shane Claiborne is a must read.  It is an unexpected storyline that is equal parts engaging, challenging and fabbbb.  If you are interested, check it out here.  It is soooo NOT what you think.  (That's how it was for me anyway).  

Be sweet.  


  1. AMEN! SHALOM!! PREACH IT!!!!!!!!
    In other words...I agree.

  2. Well said! It's refreshing to hear your point of view and know that there are still people for which the Kingdom of God holds higher authority than the cable news channel. I think many of us fail to remember the goal of most political news stories is to increase ratings and ultimately make money. And the news bringers know exactly what buttons to push to get us troubled, full of rage and coming back for more. If we are more apt to argue/defend our politics than we are to proclaim the Kingdom then it may be time to change our perspective.

  3. LOL and thanks, Cheray!

    Anonymous, thanks and you said it well too!

    Both comments are so refreshing!!! :D


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