On Waxing Nostalgic

I'm in a sentimental mood.  Many young people I know are venturing off to college starting tomorrow.  It is such a beautiful thing that makes me laugh, cry and contemplate rolling up into the fetal position in that corner over there... all at the same time.  The time passes so slowly and yet so quickly all at the same time, which makes no sense. How can something pass slowly and quickly simultaneously?  I don't know, folks.  That's just the way time rolls, I guess.  

Nevertheless, I am so proud of these young whipper-snapper world changers because they've  worked so hard to get here and I know that their future is bright and powerful like lightning.  These parents who are so brave inspire me as they launch their arrows into the bright blue sky and boldly move forward to embrace the next chapter and season of life.  Change is a lovely and beautifully awkward experience, isn't it?

My awesome auntie says, "Senior year is the long goodbye."  

This post goes out to all of you who have said or are in the process of saying the long goodbye.  My heart is right there with ya and to take the melodrama over the top, I want to share a lovely site with you that brilliantly captures the reality of change through the perspective of photography then and now.  It's a really beautiful and amazing site called dearphotograph.com.  It is a bit of a tearjerker so don't say I didn't warn ya...  Click on the link if you dare...  

I love you all dearly.  


  1. Great post! Nice blog too!

    check out mine? I'm a photographer.


    If you want, you can follow it. I'll follow yours too.

  2. Thank you, Brandon!!! So glad you stopped by :D
    I checked out your website... your pics from "The Spring" collection are my fav!!! Hope you're having a Happy Thursday :D

  3. Oh my gosh, Sharita!!! :) I was already crying and then I visited that webiste. That is SO COOL!!! I'm so blessed by the things I find through your blog! Keep it coming! Baby girl gets home from camp today. She's been mostly gone for the last month!!! Then tomorrow is Harbor! Can't believe it! Ah, hug Jack for me. Every age is awesome, they grow so fast and I'm so proud of all three of mine, but wow...I miss their little bodies and minds sometimes! :)

  4. Kells!!! So glad you enjoyed it! YAY! ...and thanks for the encouragement! You are DEF one of the inspirational parents I was writing about... LoveLoveLoveu!!! :D


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