Sunflowers and Tim Sanders

Today I looked out of my window and squealed with glee because I saw this:

After several weeks of triple digit temperatures, watering, hoping and praying that my sunflowers would bloom, they did!  Yay!!! I have loved sunflowers since I was a little girl.  They make me smile.  Always have.  Always will.  Sunflowers make my heart happy so seeing this out my window was a fabulous way to start today.  BTdub: Ignore the sun scorched dead grass in the background.  In my neck of the woods, we are currently on day 61 of 1000 days of sunshine. And at this point, saying, "It's hot!" is such an understatement.  I'll spare you the sunshine sucks soliloquy because at least we don't have to mow.  That counts for something, right?  

Not really, but that's ok.

Having so much time near the pool and inside (Hallelujah, AC!) makes for great reading time.  Here is the book I am about to finish reading this week: Today We Are Rich by Tim Sanders.  This gem of a book is rocking my world in a really good way.  Here are some reviews from 

In Today We Are Rich, Tim Sanders shows you how to unleash winning behaviors, like gratitude and persistence, to achieve the one thing we all need in order to win: confidence. You can do it, and this book can help. --Dave Ramsey, The Dave Ramsey Show

Tim reminds us that riches are never on the outside, but always on the inside. And he helps to order our hearts accordingly. --Dr. Henry Cloud, best-selling coauthor of Boundaries

This is a book for the ages, a new classic, one that rewards anyone with the guts to read it. A page-turner that pays big dividends. --Seth Godin, best-selling author of Tribes, Poke the Box and Linchpin

Here is what I say: Read the books, folks.  It's a perfect summer read, an easy page turner with loads of substance.  The material is powerfully uplifting and inspirational.  There is so much to ponder and as a result, this book has become of my favs.  Seriously, it's right up there in my top ten.  Here are a few Tim Sanders jewels I have gathered thus far:

"Anybody's story can start over again, and through the love of others, have a happy ending."

"You think, you act and your actions create a series of events that shape your day to day life."

"Other people's misfortunes should never be a source of entertainment."

"Learn a lesson from what happened.  Delete the negative memory and hold on to the lesson."

"It's ok to make mistakes; just make new ones!"

See... isn't that rich?  

The best thing about the book is that Tim Sanders is not writing as if he is some condescending guru from the mountain of all knowledge.  He is sharing his story.  The ups, the downs, and ultimately principles to live by that will stand the test of time.  His account is so honest and sincere that you can't help but be drawn in, encouraged and inspired.  In some way, this book is the plot of the human experience.  I adore this book and I believe you will too if you'll give it a try.

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