goodbye, jack bauer

Jack Bauer, I love you.  I hate your clock.  It makes me nervous and stresses me out a bit.  But I keep watching because I love you, your guns and your ninja-like combat skills.  I do not like all the stress that ensues during the hour, but I do enjoy the espionage, unpredictability and the general bad-assness of your role.  I'm watching you right now, actually.  

Watching as I type this.  Thank you, Netflix.  

Due to the high levels of palpable stress during each episode, multi-tasking has become my  coping mechanism.  Intermittently answering emails, adding to my boards on Pinterest, folding laundry, typing a blog post...doing whatever it takes to bring the level of high alert from a 10 to a 5.  I'm looking at you, but I'm looking at other stuff too.  I hope you can understand where I'm coming from, Jack.  Multi-tasking keeps me from getting too freaked out while you choke people out, blow stuff up and save the United States.  Again.  

I am on Season 7 right now and I am planning to finish Season 8 before we chuck the deuce to 2012.  Netflix, thank you again for making this all possible.  

JB, I love you.  I really do, so it's hard to say this... but you can't follow me into the new year.  It's not possible.  No, Jack, it's not an option.  It's not you... and it's not me... It's your clock.  That thing is super annoying.

forever friends


You know... the people who have always got your back

Will tell you the truth 

Especially when/if no one else will

Walk through fire with you

Sing on the mountain top with you

Cheer for and celebrate you

Love you regardless and unconditionally

Laugh with you

Pray with you

Cry with you too

Forever friends are timeless.  Sometimes it's people you've known forever.  Sometimes it's people you've know for a year.  You can belly laugh, share your hopes and sorrows, and really expose the depth of who you are.  It is safe here.  The currency is love and vulnerability, two things that never go out of style but just appreciate with time.  

Do you have these sorta people in your life?  I hope you do. 

They're the people that you know you'll always be friends with.  The friends you talk to every day, every other day, day after day.  The friends you can go for months without talking to, but when you do talk, it's as if no time has passed.  Forever friends... today I honor and celebrate you.  You know who you are and I love you dearly.  Each one of you... dearly love.  You encourage and inspire me.  Your fabulous friendship makes life doubly sweet.


election day = all good

Today is election day in the United States.  I am grateful for the opportunity to vote.  I value and appreciate democracy.  I am grateful that all the political ads, accusations and general election campaigning foolywank has finally ceased.  I am not ready for the whining that will be coming later on tonight from the peeps who are on  the losing side.  Rule #1 at our house is no whining, you see.    

Four years ago, I remember hearing remarks from Republicans about Democrats viewing Obama as a savior, which makes me wonder now if Republicans are doing the same thing with Romney*.  

Hearing the savior comparisons about Obama and seeing the same sort of thing happen with Romney has only solidified my view that Jesus, the love specialist who saves, heals, and changes hearts and lives, is the Savior.  He always has been.  He always will be.  Man is not the answer to man's problems 'cause we would've figured it out by now, don't cha think?  

I vote and pray for our leaders in this country (whether I like/agree with them or not) and I pray for people and leaders across the globe.  (I got that idea straight from the  bible.) Gossiping about our leaders, wishing they were dead, slandering and even hating them... 
can't really find that anywhere in the B-I-B-L-E.  

I remember being convicted to the core when I read if you hate your brother, you hate God.  <---This is my constant reminder that there is no room for hate in my heart.  None.  Not for the President, the Priest or the Person who hurt me the most.  I hope and pray that this election, the people of faith will vote, yes. But more importantly that the love and the loving nature of Christ will be seen in our hearts, lives and actions yesterday, today and in the days and weeks to come.  

When people get so amped up about politics and all the tomfoolery that can go along with it, I find myself hoping and wishing that the Mayans were right and we can all chuck the deuce** to this world sometime in December 2012.  I mean wouldn't that be funny and amazing if we all just peaced out this December?  Merry Christmas!!!! (Happy Hanukkah!!!! Happy Kwanzaa!!!! Happy Holidays!!! Bah Humbug!!!! or whatever you say... and then) *poof* spontaneous evaporation

I hope you're laughing because I'm not serious... at least I don't think I am... hahaha

My entire point about voting is this: That we will vote our morals and consciousness while trusting and respecting the fact that other people will (and have the opportunity to) do the same.  I hope and pray that our love would be long, our respect would be wide and all judgment would dissipate.  After all, God is the judge, which is why I have faith-- a strong inner knowing or certainty-- that regardless of who is "running" the free world, I know and belong to He who truly runs the world.  And we are all part of His greater and sovereign plan.  So I vote, but I know that regardless of who wins this or any other election, I'm good.  All good, actually.  

*If that statement ticks you off, you might be guilty.
**throw up a peace sign, say "peace out" or "goodbye"

30 days of thanks


Day 1: sunshine + blue sky
Day 2: smoothies
Day 3: family (for me, family = relatives and friends) :)
Day 4: my hubster who loves me + supports me + likes me 
Day 5: kindred spirits
Day 6: the opportunity to vote 
Day 7: a long talk with a great friend
Day 8: our fun-loving, free-spirited kiddo
Day 9: music!!!
Day 10: good eats w-my peeps #crackerbarrel
Day 11: mi casa
Day 12: homemade cookies fresh out the oven
Day 13: divine appointments
Day 14: rest and recovery 
Day 15: technology that keeps me in touch w-family & friends near & far
Day 16: charitable organizations
Day 17: Netflix 
Day 18: snuggles
Day 19: seeing a friend accomplish a goal #priceless
Day 20: road trips!
Day 21: my brother, my sista-in-love and my nephew 
Day 22: smoked brisket and mi madre
Day 23: bamboo, fudge & Aunt Sissy
Day 24: an unexpected meal on the house
Day 25: friendship
Day 26: hot tea
Day 27: handwritten notes via snail mail
Day 28: medicine
Day 29: an easy, delicious, not too dry or hard as a rock scone recipe!
Day 30: lovely neighbors

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