Word with the Wise Wednesday: Clay Clark

1. What important life lessons have you learned so far?
Only engage in mutually beneficial relationships.  Partnering with people who don't have the same value system, character and beliefs as  you can be detrimental.  
Over deliver because when you go above and beyond for others, the world will conspire to help you reach your destination.  
Know where you are going.  Be able to articulate your mission/focus in 30 seconds or less.  
Be intentional about the people you associate with because the people you spend time with and the books you read greatly influence your future.  

2. How is the world today different or similar to what it was like when you were a child?
I would say my phases of thinking about the world changed.  As a child I would think anything is possible.   Then I got a little older and I thought anything is possible if you're lucky.  Now I realize anything is possible if you do more than you're supposed to, know where you're going and over deliver.  Growing up we are taught to study for the test so you know all the answers and pass the test; however, life doesn't work that way.  Life is all about finding your niche, failing the test and then taking it again.  

3. What has been your hardest lesson to date?
How important it is to partner with people who value and share your moral code and belief system.  

4.  What do you want people to remember about you?
That I was an optimist who nurtured the potential of other people, believed for the best and was willing to do the work.  

Clay is a dynamic, intelligent and highly successful Entrepreneurship Expert and Motivational Speaker who lives life with contagious joy.  He is equal parts proactive, knowledgeable, passionate and hilarious.  I have known him and his beautiful wife, Vanessa, for well over ten years now. They are lovely peeps.  Their family is my family.  As long as I have known Clay, he has had a knack for dreaming big and swiftly executing the dream in the most efficient, effective and beneficial manner.  His newest venture: ManUp Entrepreneurship Bootcamps (for both men and women) will be hosted at the Tulsa Renaissance Hotel & Convention Center on September 10, 2011.  Click the link above for more info and you can check out his personal webpage here.

Be awesome today.


  1. Vanessa Clark7/27/2011 9:33 AM

    Thanks for the kind words Shark! I do love him!

  2. Vanes!!! You're the cutest lil' thing ever! You are so welcome! I appreciate the support... Love to you both and thank you for being bomb.com friends! ;D

  3. Clay is also less intelligent than his wife. He is a "Man-Pear-Pig" who happens to be good at business. The rest of life is that part that is hard for me...Sincerely, Clay Clark

  4. Appreciate your heart, Clay! Love to the Clark Crew! :D


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