groove is in the heart

A few days ago, I realized just how much I enjoy dancing.  I've always LOVED music and can cut a rug with the best of 'em. Truly. I am a dancing dancing dancing... (boomboomboom) dancing machine.  From competitive cheer routines (READY... OK! *clap*) and parties galore to my kitchen or living room floor, I am not afraid to drop it like it's hot.  I have even contemplated dropping it in church, but (thankfully) I rethought that.  Somehow gyrating and church just don't seem to mix... unless of course you're gyrating for Jesus, right?  LOL... kinda... Email me if you're interested in joining my new church dance group! I know I'm not the only one... right? 


OK... well, the other day while watching Thomas the Train with the lil' man of the house, I got up to grab a drink.  While singing along with the theme music, I found myself in the kitchen with one hand in the air snapping and waving while I'm grooving and working it to Thomas the Train theme music.  ("They're 2, they're 4, they're 6 , they're 8 shunting trucks and hauling freight...")  Yeah... I was breaking it down something fierce.  If you do not know this fabulous song and would like to get your dance on, crank your speakers and click here                                                                          

Club dancing to Thomas the Train... never woulda guess it in a million years, but oh well, I guess it doesn't take much if you love to shake ya groove thang. What about you?  Love to dance?  Got a favorite song or two or three?  


  1. LOL! I can so see you doing this!

    I've been in an African drums & AfroLatino kick lately. Got CDs @ a street fair here in NYC... Hotness!

  2. Never heard the song, but reggae does that to me, I don't even know I am moving, I could be on the street, at home, even been caught swinging the hips on church grounds (as I exit, and a car is passing by blasting some Buju...), of course ;o)

    Love love love the blog


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