Throwback Thursday: Remember when...

photograph courtesy of Jadyn Noelle Photography

Grass was just grass... and all you had to do was cut it?

You thought you knew everything (or maybe that was just me lol!)

TV went to sleep (seriously... silent static was on the screen and sometimes the national anthem was playing with the flag waving in the background)

News wasn't so ridiculously outrageous and sensationalized... shout out to news anchors back in the day like Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite.  They remind me of the days when the news provided facts and then people decided how to feel about those facts.  

Most everything was made in the USA

Gas was 89 cents a gallon... I can still remember being ticked off when gas reached 99 cents L to the OL!

Food was actually food (with little to no man-made ingredients)

Blue light specials @K-Mart... I witnessed many folks act a fool trying to get a deal on the featured "specialty" item.  If you are unfamiliar with the blue light specials @K-Mart, think shopping the day after Christmas condensed into five and ten minute intervals.  

What do you remember?


  1. walking to Howard's store down the street to buy the latest 45 record with my allowance of 50 cents. face 45 I saved "Hot Child in the City"

  2. she's kinda dangerous....runnin wild and lookin pretty YEAH hot child in the city

  3. when gas was less than 50 cents a gallon...yeah, i'm that old! i also remember those 45 rpm's (& singing into my hairbrush "microphone") also remember riding bikes for HOURS, & pretending our bikes were cars. mine was always a mustang!

  4. I remember Red Light-Green Light, Freeze Tag, Red Rover, Punch Bug, and Lightning Bugs. I also remember sitting outside in the KMart parking lot in the middle of summer at the hottest time of day in a red Ford Crown Victoria with matching "pleather" seats with the windows rolled up!!!

  5. Rollling down windows with crank handles. Being a kid without a seatbelt or worse sitting on someone's lap- in the front seat LOL! Drive-in movies in my pajamas and junk food actually tasting good (snickers, oreos, mcdonald's, etc)!

    Stephanie F

  6. I remember Drive In's where all the teens would gather, ordering your food and having it delivered on a silver tray that fit onto your car window. Drive In Movies, where we brought our own popped corn. Gathering pop bottles (all were glass) to turn back to the local grocery store for 2cents each. Then buying Double Bubble (with comic strips) for a penny each or popsicles for 5 cents. Oh and gas was 19cents a gallon. Listened to songs like "Short Shorts, Purple People Eater, Lollipop and Splish Splash". Fun days... And no matter how old or young we are, we all seem to look back and call it the "good ole days". Almost forgot, the Minnesota Twins Baseball team were so new that the gas stations offered half priced or free tickets to see a game when you bought a gas fill up. (w.watson)

  7. Jan, I remember riding bikes for hours too and pretending like I was driving a car. We even made bike/car rules for our neighborhood road LOL!

    Anonymous... Mendel, is that you? I so remember breaking the rule about rolling the windows down... Loved playing those games too!!!

    Stephanie, you took me back with the crank handles and riding in the car before seat belt laws!!!!

    Good times and fun songs, Wanda!!! Yes, we all call it the "good ole days" hilar


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