Jury Duty

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Yep, that's where I'm at this week.  Holding down the justice system.  Not really haha.

So far, I have met:  
-some of the cruelest, school of hard knocks female administrators on earth
-some of the coolest and nicest ladies and gentlemen on earth
-a girl who is just like me
-folks who are nothing like me but groovy all the same

So far, I have sat still for more hours than I care to count... more hours than I ever imagined possible...  

I have observed hilarious, antiquated practices and machinery.  I have been accused of being an undercover cop.  And been reminded that hearing a person's story makes all the difference.  

People watching. People watching. People watching. I'm so nosey that I could hardly read any of my books (and I LOVE to read) for people watching, people watching, people watching.  

I ate the most delectable chicken burrito imaginable.  It was healthy and delicioso.  Imagine that!  

I have laughed, cried and cursed the day I was born (not really, just going for dramatic effect here).  More like I have cursed the day I received the notice in the mail.  

I have made new friends, reconnected with a college friend, whined via text message to my good friend Holly and squealed with glee when I got to go home a little earlier than expected.  

I get to do this again tomorrow.  Yay.  *itty bitty bit of sarcasm*

Surely it can only get better tomorrow... right??? 

Any of you ever been called for jury duty?  Any tips, pointers or coping mechanisms?  haha

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