Foolywank Friday: Pretending like the images in magazines are legit

photograph courtesy of  Jadyn Noelle Photography

Sometimes... (usually while standing in the checkout line at the store)... I find myself being sucked into the false world of magazine covers.  I have to snap myself out of the dream world of perfection and back to reality with the quickness.  (You can see where I wrote more about kicking the idea of perfection to the curb over here.)   Since we all know these doctored images are not based on truth, why is the temptation to accept the false sense of beauty and the lie about reality so great?  The ongoing barrage of ads, photographs, campaigns and advertisements has become an assault to the mind, will, senses and emotions.  These images are everything except authentic; therefore, they should have no valid place in our minds, hearts and souls.  

A few days ago, my good friend, Holly, posted this link by Beauty Redefined about the foolywank "standards" of the industry.  I'm not blaming Photoshop, the celebrities or even the industry.  I am saying that it is time for us, the consumers, to become non-consumers and totally reject these false notions and images.  Period.  

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