Random Deliciousness

fab photog courtesy of Jadyn Noelle Photography

I feel like the richest person in the world when I am leaving the library with my arms full of books (just happened a few moments ago... cha-ching!) and whenever I drop off my recycling.  

The noticeably cooler weather makes me want to bust out my boots and sweaters.  Totally inappropriate, yes; however, the fact that we're done with triple digit heat makes me want to celebrate with my winter clothes... soon and very soon, this wardrobe dream will become a reality! 

I am surrounded by and get to do life with really incredibly awesome peeps.  My friends and family rock!

I still dream about changing the world and try my best to do so.  I typically start with my corner and work outwards from there...

Where I live, there are no clouds in the sky today.  Just brilliantly beautiful shades of blue.

Fun and peaceful holidays full of laughter and love with people you love (and people who love you) are invaluable.  

Click here to see what currently makes me giggle uncontrollably...  (Then I start to dance just like the girl in the purple dress swinging her arms from side to side.)  

What random deliciousness is going on in your world today?


  1. My five year old woke up this morning and hugged my neck very tight. When I asked her what was wrong she replied, "nothing, I just love you." That's my random deliciousness for the day!

  2. Beautiful, Melia!!! Beautiful!!!


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