Reflections from my journal

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I have been re-reading some of my old journals and it is amazing how I have grown, how my perspectives have changed and yet how some people and situations have remained unchanged.  

Right now I am in a journal from my senior year in high school in 19somethingsomething ;)

In addition to poetry about my precious, beloved Granny, one of my BFFs and the precious baby (of a good friend) who died,  here are a few highlights:

"February 5 ... No comment."

"February 12... I have been stressed beyond belief for the past two weeks and I would like to thank Red Bank High School for making it all possible."

"February 23... Change will come, but not without a price.  We cannot acquire change otherwise..."

"March 15... We carry so much dead weight.  Sometimes I wonder how we can walk even..."

"March 20... I will never drink soda again."

"April 4... Always be prepared to deal with whatever is in front of you- Positively!"

April 6... I am beginning to see that open wounds will only get worse with time.  Lack of repair causes more pain, which will cause you to hurt others..."  

Love Love Love re-reading old journals... laughter, insight, the ups and downs, joy, pain, heartbreak and plenty of good times...

What about you?  Do you (or did you ever) keep a journal?

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