Word with the Wise Wednesday: Laura Francis

1. What important life lessons have you learned so far?
Think before you speak.  You do not have to say everything you think.  Everything you think doesn't have to pop out of your mouth.  Think before you speak. 

2. How is the world today different or similar to what it was like when you were a child?
As a child, I had an experience where I knew that I was different.  My mother would give me my lunch and lock me out for most of the day.  I can remember sitting on a salt lick in the corral in my little white dress with no shoes on... I was eating a bologna sandwich and drinking koolaid when all of a sudden, I had this epiphany.  I felt so much peace, joy and LOVE.  I knew that I was loved and that I was beautifully, wonderfully made.  I felt like God was saying, "It's you and me, kid."  That moment changed my world in a very positive way and the revelation has deepened over time.  In my heart, I am still that lil' girl who receives His love.  As I keep growing and seeking, I continue to have full circle moments where I am reminded that I am different and that it's not so much how the world has changed (or stayed the same), but how I have changed.  

3. What has been your hardest lesson to date?
Embracing silence.  I continue to deal with that because when you're telling, you're selling.  Ask a question and be silent.  If they're saying it (the answer), they're learning it as truth.  

4. What do you want people to remember about you?
That I was a possibilitarian.  One of my greatest joys in life is helping others become better people.  Empowering others to know this: You can manifest your dreams.  God made this world and we have creative power as well.  Everything in your heart is do-able.  

Isn't she AMAZING?!?! 

For reals, Laura Francis is one of the wisest, kindest, most knowledgeable, compassionate and encouraging people I know.  She is a true possibilitarian, which means if there is a way, she will have it figured out.  I have observed her in action many times and she is flat out awesome.  With Laura there is no box to think outside of because quite simply, there is no box.  She sees a world full of endless options and possibilities and she truly loves to help others discover and fulfill their purpose and passion.  She has helped me many, many times!  I like to call her a catalyst because she definitely creates and/or accelerates the pace of the process, opportunity or event.  I love learning from her and just being around her.  She is positively radiant like that.  Holler if you'd like to swap howdy's with her!  

Happy Wednesday to yall!  :D


  1. Its confirmed now with even more layers of why I think Laura is the bomb. She's the real deal. She made me flow chart my dreams and I've never been the same! :D

  2. Enjoyed her wisdom. Getting comfortable with silence...in conversation or in alone time is a struggle for me.


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