If you're gonna fall, stick it!

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Growing up involved in cheerleading and gymnastics, the term "stick it" has significant meaning.  In any given practice session, "stick it" is yelled countless times as an encouraging reminder to keep your composure and nail your jump, stunt or flip.  Oft times, hearing a team mate yell it (in a tone that made you know they were not messin' around with you and very well meant every word) could make the difference between wanting to give up (and bail out on said move) and actually committing to finish (or stick it) with excellence.  

Back in the day when I taught public school and was great with child (almost full term pregnancy), I walked across the hallway to ask a fellow teacher a question.  On my way back to my room, half of the hallway had been mopped (unbeknownst to me!).  It was after school and I was wearing flip flops (such a beloved shoe!) so when my left heel hit the wet side of the hallway, I headed south in a hurry.  As my left leg continued to slide further and further in front of me, I quickly evaluated my choices: 

try to fight it (no way of stopping this big belly train!) 
land on my back (attempting to turn would break at least one if not both legs)
stick it (and you know I did...)

I heard the old, familiar command from my inner being and decided to relax and work with the fall.  I let my left leg continue to slide out in front of me, kept my right leg behind me, squeezed my pregnant butt, tightened my thigh muscles and landed with my head and arms held high (a la Mary Lou Retton) in the most fabulous pregnant lady split you have EVER seen.  I had nary a scratch and I felt rather Olympic on the ground there.  Why, I think I held my split for a few seconds... then I called for my fellow teacher to help me get up!

Today, my encouragement to you is this:  STICK IT!  
Whatever you are doing...

a new job
the same old job
a new fitness routine
caring for others
caring for yourself
branching out
or walking through a transition
newly married
happily married 
or living single
single parenting or
maybe you've got an empty nest
in school or 
learning a "new normal"
state/nation/globe trotting 
creating your dream or
living out your dream...

Whatever you are doing, do it well.

Stick it like Mary Lou, ya hear?  Love & Hugs!!!


  1. Vanessa Clark10/25/2011 3:05 PM

    love it!

  2. Hahaha. I was a gymnast in high school also and in my adult years found myself doing a few cartwheels while being pregnant. You gave me a good laugh. And I appreciate the message!


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