Foolywank Friday: quality versus quantity

Quality: a degree of excellence
Quantity: an indefinite amount or number  

Why do we believe that bigger is better?  
Where did the notion if a little feels good then more is even better come from?

Although I don't know the origin of these statements, I do know one thing about them. They are both synonymous with one word: foolywank.   

In many areas of life, I am beginning to see that quality trumps quantity.  Dare I say in all areas of life, quality trumps quantity?  Yes, I dare to say it loud and proud: Quality trumps Quantity.  Always.  

As I pondered this post, I attempted to discover instances where quantity was most important and every time I thought I'd discovered an example, I could always spin it to make quality the winner.  

Money?  A quantity of rupees (basic unit of currency in India, Mauritius, Nepal, Pakistan, Seychelles and Sri Lanka) in the middle of Aldi (local supermarket) won't do me any good because the rupee has no standard (or quality) in the US.  A quantity of rupees in the right location would be fantastic if the money is quality (not damaged or counterfeit).  

Next, I thought of Love.  An indefinite amount or number (aka quantity) sounds fabulous, right?  Right.  Until I realized Love without quality would connote crap-tastic, lackluster love.  And a whole (indefinite!) lot of it.  Pass!

Don't believe the hype.  

Lack of quality = useless.  

Quality over quantity.  


Would love to hear your thoughts...

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