you are what you speak

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Our words have tremendous power.  I think we all know this, but do we live it?  My awesome auntie says that we must exercise wisdom regarding the words we speak for we will live in the reality of our words.  Today I am thinking about the words I speak.  Living in them.  Makes me want to exercise wisdom and restraint just a little more.  For the most part, I am an extremely positive person; however, I have a tendency to make off the cuff comments that are equal parts hilarious and inappropriate.  I like to make these types of comments.  Did you see that: I like to make these types of comments.  I think they're appropriate because they're truthful and hilarious.  How could you go wrong with laughter and the truth?  Easily.  I promise.  And so it is my dear friends that my thoughts are precisely where the change must (initially) take place.  It is likely that I have resisted for so long because I'm not being super raunchy or anything like that; however, if my Granny were sitting there, I probably wouldn't say it OR I would find a more graceful way to express the thought or idea.  As long as I can remember, I've always had little quips to throw out here and there, but it is time to exercise a higher degree of discernment, wisdom and grace when it comes to my speech.  It is time to be impeccable with my words.  I believe that I am a world changer and I believe you are too.  Let's harness the power of our words and move forward in our calling, purpose and destiny.    When we are salt and light (in word and deed), we will season the atmosphere with love, hope and grace.  And that sounds like a tasty dish.  


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