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Funny how the best days are usually the simplest days.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Beautiful weather. The only item on the agenda: fun times frolicking with friends.  I may have told you this before, but I believe I have the greatest friends on Earth.  Truly.  My friends = fabulosity personified. We ate here and it was DELISH! For reals. I wanted to lick my bowl and I actually thought about licking it more than once.  I refrained ONLY because the bowl was lined with paper and I knew I couldn't lick the juices without eating paper.  If I figure this dilemma out before my next visit, it is on like Donkey Kong.  We talked, laughed, enjoyed the silence, ran light errands together and then meandered about.  


And it didn't end there.
I finished the evening by "geeking out on my own terms" in a "judgement free zone" with another pal.  It was heavenly hash, downright divine and totally kosher.  The perfect finale to an utterly fabulous day.  

Navigating blog platforms
Swooning over this jewelry 

Friends = Brains, Lives and Hearts that are divinely connected.  

Show and tell your friends how much you love em.   
Enjoy each other's company as often as you can...  

"God made friends so we'll carry a part of His perfect love in all our hearts."  -Jill Wolf 

Hugs and Love!!! :)


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  1. Love this, love you, retweeted that friend quote! <3


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