I done got me a internet ad!

*said in my best Mater voice* 

Ladies and Gentle-cars, the neeeeeeeew (and only haha) Above the Fray ad:

You likey?

Well, Amanda J. Cobb is the awesome designer officially known as a "freelance graphic designer."  Let me tell you, she is worth her weight in gold.  Girlfriend has some serious design chops and she is peachy keen to work with.  For reals.  No drama.  Pure fun.  Excellent customer service.  Exceptional quality.  She took my scatterbrained words and random ideas and turned em into a this fanciful picture.  You can check out Amanda's portfolio here.  It's pretty doggone snazzy!  

Amanda didn't ask me to tell yall any of this.  You know I love to share the good stuff and she is AWESOME, so I'm tootin' her horn today!  *cue horn blower*  

Mosey on over to her website or pass it along to anyone you know with design needs.  Amanda is the cream of the crop!

Amanda's website: http://www.amandajcobb.com/

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  1. Lucky lucky!! I'm so jealous! What a gorgeous picture!


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