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Is there a situation or an outcome you are gripping so tightly that you can't find acceptance or peace?  

Sometimes there are distinct moments where we implicitly know we need to let go and forgive.  One of those moments just happened to me mere seconds ago as a shovelful of dirt came flying my way. 

Other times, it's not so obvious as there are days, weeks, months and years of hurts, pains, misunderstandings, stockpiled emotions, unsavory interactions and perceived injustices crammed in the recesses of your heart.  This can happen to the best of us and for me it was one. tangled. mess. 

A wise friend once said, "If you are breathing, you have hurts, habits and hang-ups."  
So here are a few questions for today: What emotions are stirring underneath the surface?  Do you have a gnarly knot deep within?  If so, will you go there and start to unpack?  Today?

I know... sometimes the thought of unpacking feels overwhelming.  Personally, I am one who prefers to live out of my suitcase after a trip until it's "unpacked" so I understand if you're feeling a bit reluctant, yet this must be done.  Somehow... (with intention)... Someway... (one article at a time)

Put simply: you will face the funk or live in a funk forever.  Pretending like there's nothing beneath the surface or faking it like you don't (regularly) live in a funk can only last for so long.  Been there, done that and realized real quick-like that living the fake life and lying to myself just ain't for me.  I mean, who in tarnation really wants to live that way?   In time willpower will run out and since pretending is the antithesis of all that is authentic, we don't want to live there anyway.  I'm not talking about faking it until you make it, either... because I do get that. "Do it scared" (meaning pretend like you're not scared and go for it) is one of my favorite phrases by Joyce Meyer.  While there is a time to fake it 'til you make it, that's not what I'm talking about here.  I'm talking about unpacking the overflowing closet of your life that resides deep within your heart.  I have found that when I don't unpack, I start to act out in the nastiest of ways because the residual yuck and decaying emotions eventually start to seep out.  After all if the closet is piled high and stuffed to capacity, it's really tough to keep the door closed.  This, my friends is "the funk" and you must face it and unpack it or by default, you live in the funk.  Forever.  

I'm not down with the latter and I sure hope you aren't either. 
Girlfriends and Homeboys, it's time to face the funk.  

Over time I have found that the more I unpack, the better I feel, the lighter I travel and the easier it is to forgive and let go.  I get to practice this just about everyday in some form or another.  If you have an overgrowth of emotion to address, do not be afraid.  Like Joyce said, Do it scared! All the while, keep this in mind: You deal with the funk one piece, one moment and one step at a time.  

For me, right now I am processing through the hurt and pain of rejection.  Looking at a cocktail of lies, anger, judgements and criticisms and for the first time realizing that I don't have to drink it.  My position has been supported by some and misunderstood by others.  I am so grateful for the support and regarding the haters, I say, "Oh well... that's too bad.. Bless their hearts" and I often refer to Agreement 2.  Yeah... for sanity and personal well-being, this girl's gotta do what this girl's gotta do.  So, until hearts are changed (mine included?), it is what it is...  and while I do have hope that it will not always be this way, I'm not holding my breath while I wait.  

So until change comes and even if change never comes, I have decided to let go.  Detach.  Totally.  In Love, which means that I allow all the hurt and anger to dissipate, forgive all the foolishness (including myself) and trust that greater things are yet to come.  In the mean time, I celebrate all the beauty that is in my life every. single. day.  Because... despite the peripheral drama, I have so much goodness going on right here.  See how good unpacking feels when you come full circle?

I have found that there is an art to letting go, which means to say it is not a one-time event but rather an ongoing process.  As each layer is peeled back, you discover another emotion to observe, learn from and ultimately release.  I find that as I keep peeling the layers back there is a lightness... a freedom emerges which can't be taken away.  As I flex my God-given right to be me, clarity, support and provision emerge, and the brilliant light of authentic living shines  until my heart is fully open and my soul is set free.  Won't you join me in the pursuit of a clutter free life?  Let's unpack, Ladies and Gentlemen because the destination is WELL worth it.  


  1. Great post. I'm trying to unpack myself. In fact this morning I was chanting "detach, detach" to myself. But here is what I struggle with, is detaching the answer? Or is it the easy way out?

  2. This is so timely, Sharita! I'm cleaning my house today and feeling overwhelmed and grumpy about the extra "junk" around, and on top of that, feeling a little overwhelmed and worried about provision for two kids starting college in less than a month! So thank you! This is what I needed at that moment. I've got to unpack my feelings of lack, my feelings of anxiety, etc. and "cast all my cares!" Over and over and over!!!

    And Ginger, I think there is a difference between "letting go" and forgiving and just "detaching." Maybe just semantics, but just a different perspective. ??? And there are times for just letting things go and times we are called to speak the truth in love, wisdom is in knowing the difference and that comes from being lead by the Holy Spirit. :)

  3. Hey girls! Good stuff here for sure!

    Ginger, I was chanting "let go" yesterday... so hilar that we were doing the same sort of thing. Whenever I let go, I am finally to receive clarity. It's like I see the light as I let go of the person or the situation and really focus on my part. When I detach or let go in love (which really requires me to look at what's going on in my heart) freedom and revelation always come shortly thereafter. One of my fav devotional books that has helped me with this is Letting Go by Melody Beattie. Rocks my world in a good way just about every day. Love you, Ginger and thank you for the support! ;D

  4. finally *able* to receive clarity haha

  5. Kells! We are SO on the same page. Here's to believing all things are possible and traveling light! ;D


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