No Limits

It's time to take the limits off.  Off of our minds, our will, our emotions, our dreams, ourselves, others and God, especially.  Lately I have been amazed at the revelation that I had actually placed limits on myself and God.  Again.  

I hate thinking and living inside of the box yet here I am, climbing out once again.  
Yay for second, third and fourth chances.  Do overs.  Grace to recalibrate and renew my thought life.  Down with stinkin thinkin!  I'm raising a banner that says, "NO THING IS IMPOSSIBLE."

All things are possible to those who believe.  Therefore, I must dwell in possibility.*  

Faith is bona fide authentic and legitimate.  Hope is too.  I cannot be let down as long as my faith and hope is made steadfast by trusting in God.  I cannot trust in the ever-changing circumstances or my perceived limitations.  

Today as I face and let go of my self-imposed boundaries, caps and restrictions, lyrics from one of my fav songs keep playing over and over in my mind, "no limits, no boundaries, I see increase all around me... take the limits off, take the limits off..."  It's time to stretch my faith.  Again.  To believe at the deepest level possible that God can exceed the dream.  Key words being: God can.

*The phrase "dwell in possibility" comes from the title of an Emily Dickinson poem.  Didn't love the poem (sorry, E!) but adore the title.  


  1. Yes. He. Can. ! Thank you!!!

  2. You're welcome, girl and I'm right there with ya. He can. He will... In fact, it's already done... We're just walking into it... which is pretty doggone spectacular!


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