jennifer is a party pooper

Yesterday I ran into a friend (Michelle!) and her darling kiddos at the mall.  I was on a mission to buy lemon scented hand soap and grab Chickfila for Wee Daddy (kiddo of the hubster and me).  Seeing Michelle and her fam = bonus.  Well, it turned out to be a triple bonus day because in addition to seeing Michelle, she hipped me to an AMAZING deal (WOOP WOOP!) ...and I saw another friend (Kristin!) with two of her adorable cutie pies.  

Last night when I went on Kristin's Facebook page to say so glad I saw yall, I saw the most hilarious video.  It made me laugh laugh laugh because I so appreciate languages, idioms, cliches, and all that gets lost in translation when it comes to national culture.  I watched the video and laughed until my side was (painfully) CRAMPING due to laughter.    Then I watched it some more.  

I hope it made you laugh too!

Laughter makes the heart merry!

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