25 ways to wear a scarf

A few winters ago, my good friend Jai introduced me to the fun-joy-love of wearing a scarf.  At the time, we were both focused on blasting our debt, so we had a tight bugdets that we were following.  Jai happened to come upon the cutest, softest scarves in a variety of designs and colors for the lovely price of five bucks!  At the time, that type of splurge was in the budget so I became her apprentice and she taught me everything she knew about rocking a scarf.  I soaked up her lessons and reveled in scarfdom.  

Just the other day, my friend, Kaysie posted a scarf tutorial on Facebook.  I watched it no less than three times and I was practically drooling the entire time.  Pretty much I was (and still am!) loving this tutorial.  I decided to research the chica in the video giving the lesson.  I found out her name is Wendy (how cute is that?!?!).  Homegirl is a fierce fashionista!  For reals.  Click here to visit her blog: Wendy's Lookbook.  She is a stunna! And when I read her about page, I realized that she is a true beauty (inside and out) with deep deep strength and resilience.  She seems to live her life above the fray, which means she's our sister!  ;)  

Wendy is doing her fashion thang and doin' it well!  She has a YouTube channel and she is also on Twitta! (Twitter) :)  Check her out!  You will love her sweet spirit as well as the material she shares.  Her tutorial below is visually appealing and it inspires me to break out of my conservative scarf-wearing box.  I always always always wear what Wendy calls "the European loop." I will continue to wear the European loop; however, I plan to incorporate these looks in the near future: the decoration, the braid, the hidden knot, the magic trick and the basic loop (I can't resist a sweet loop hahal!)  Check out the video and let me know which looks are your fav!

Be inspired!
Be sweet!

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