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Hey yall!  Still reveling in the joy of the holiday season... and gearing up for the new year! So excited!!! A tad disappointed that we are not riding around on hovercrafts like I thought we would be when I was a little girl... still excited nonetheless!

Today I was thinking about how sweet life is and how grateful I am... for love, joy, my family and friends.  I am also grateful for each one of you.  I cherish your visits, comments and support.  It makes my heart swell and feel a genuine connection to each one of you.  Thank you for cheering me on, laughing with me, crying with me and loving what I do in this corner of the world enough to keep coming back over and over again.  You know we're pretty much besties now, right? Right.  

I do hope your holiday has been full of merryjoylove, good times with the people you love and  delish eats.  The post below is an oldie but goodie that captured the essence of a perfect summer day... It makes me think of all the great things about the holidays.  Enjoy! And please check out a few of my favorite blogs...

Food, folks and fun... Remember that old school McDonald's jingle? 

As I was trying to summarize my feelings on the way home late last night, those four words came to mind.  Then I started singing a bunch of vintage Mickey D's tunes.  

Remember the MoonMan driving the car singing, "It's Mac toniiiiiiiiight!" 

I briefly attempted to sing the song with all the McDonald's food items... "... a cheeseburger, a Happy Meal, tasty golden french fries... and to drink a Coca Cola, diet coke or orange drink..." Lyrically speaking, it was pretty much an epic fail.  Not to worry, lack of lyrics has yet to deter me so I proceeded to have the time of my life humming, singing and making up words.  I was working with a tough crowd though.  No one in the car was moved to join in the reverie.  The driver was giving me the side eye and the other passenger was fast asleep.  I proceeded with my concerto nonetheless...

Now where was I?  

Yes... the plot for the story of yesterday... Food, folks and fun. I decided to rearrange the order of the words.  Even though it doesn't sound as catchy, fun, folks and food would be more apt.  Yesterday was one of those days where all the ingredients meshed perfectly.  You know those sweet memories where everything about every moment is special?  That perfectly describes yesterday. 

An entire day of leisure, good times with friends and fam.  

So fun. So edifying.  So long overdue.  

Swimming til sun drunk, water concerts, noodle cars and bikes, girl talk, guy talk, good eats, carefree conversation, watching kids romp for hours, holding hands, inside jokes, kindred spirits, divine connections, and lots of laughter culminating with fabulous fireworks lighting up the sky.  

I hope your holiday was just as enjoyable and sweet.  

These are a few of my favorite blogs...

1.  Annie's Eats
First of all, Annie is cute as a button.  Literally.  She can throw down in the kitch as evidenced by her delish recipes.  I have tried many of them.  Our favvvvv is this brazilian shrimp soup.  My fam DEVOURS it.  I really appreciate the fact that all her recipes are *truly* all natural, homemade goodness with minimal ingredients that I can actually pronounce.  Her recipes run a balanced gamut from healthy to decadent.  I can get my veggies in and occasionally have a sweet treat.  Annie is also an excellent and detailed teacher.  I've always felt a connection to her... I don't know if it's because my mom's given name is Annie or what, but for me that connection has intensified since we both had a loved one pass away Thanksgiving week of this year...  Do yourself a favor and pop over to her site ASAP!  You'll love Annie and her eats!!! She has her best recipes up for the entire year and it is drool-worthy.  

2.  Meal Planning 101
Another good-eats blog.  I lurve the tag line for this blog: this ain't your boring ol' meat and potatoes kinda meal planning.  My fav thing about this blog:  ethnic food.  Fabbbb Indian food and crock pot friendly recipes that are savory.  Second fav thing about this blog:  weekly menus with a printable grocery list.  Yes, you just read that right.  Weekly menus with a printable grocery list.  With 46 weeks of meal plans, your days of  writing out a grocery list could potentially be over, ya know? Third fav things about this blog, which is really synonymous with my fav thing: Chicken Tikka Masala... my absolute favorite dish of ALL time.  

I hope you find some good eats for your belly!  I'm over here singing the Golden Girls theme about cha because I love ya!!! 

XOXO ♥ Sharita

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