love at first sight

Corduroy = love at first sight  
Have you ever read this book?  It is phenomenal.  One of my most beloved childhood stories.  While perusing the used book store the other day, I almost passed out and pooped my pants when I came across it.  It was one of those never-gonna-forget-this moment-of-destiny type thing and if I could do a high pitched scream, I would have done it right then and there.  For the record, I have never been able to do a high pitch scream. Never.  I am always amazed (and somewhat irritated) at folks who can.  Anyhow, Corduroy is a wonderful story about love, hope, adventure and happily ever after.  Those are always the best kinds of stories.  I've read it several times to my young'un and several times by myself.  It's that good.  If you haven't read it before, well, you've just gotta!  I'd love to say I'll let you borrow mine, but with lying being wrong and all... here's a link where you can purchase a copy of your own or hit up a local (new or used) bookstore to see what childhood treasure you find.  

What was your favorite childhood story?  

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