how to be productive


Don't let this happen to you today.  

Put your big girl panties or your big boy undies on and go get cha work done!  Turn off the cell phone (gasp!), turn it on silent for a little while or put it on lockdown in a cookie jar. Do whatever works!  You'll be surprised at just how much time there is in an hour minus the incessant use of technology.  

If you have reading to do, take it to the great outdoors and get some au naturale Vitamin D while you're at it.  If you're stuck inside, open a window.  No window?  Take your lunch break in the great outdoors.  If you must work with music in the background, make sure it's  music that pumps you up to be productive, but doesn't pump you up enough to abandon all work and start a dance party.  
The point today is this: our time is a precious commodity.  One that is finite and non-renewable.  If you are working 9-5, cleaning up after kiddos, running errands like you're on a reconnaissance mission or just soaking up the sun, please realize that today is a truly unique gift and it's meant to be cherished, embraced and experienced fully.  Whatever you are doing today... do it well, with all of your might and DO NOT let the internet (or any other technology for that matter) knock you on your backside.  Do not let life happen to you.  You happen to your life!    Flip the switch and punch your to-do list in the face by actually getting stuff done today.  


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