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Lately I have been thinking about the power of the written word.  How I still have current and age-old handwritten notes and cards from friends and family that encourage and inspire my heart to this day.  When I think of the consuming reliance on text messages and emails, my heart gets a little sad.  Don't get me wrong, I appreciate technology and I do send text messages and emails; however, I still write and snail mail (USPS) notes to people too.  I hope you do as well, but if you don't, I am going to challenge you to write a note to someone special... someone you love... someone who has blessed, encouraged or inspired you presently or in times past.  Sharing your heart with someone on paper is such a beautiful thing.  It makes your heart well up and overflow with joy and it'll open your eyes to the abundance all around ya.  If we actually wrote notes to each other more often, I am convinced there'd be much more happiness in this world.  So what are you waiting for?  Get to writing already! :)  Write a cherished friend, a teacher, guardian, caretaker or your lover... just write!  As long as your expression is sincere and heartfelt with no expectations for the recipient, you won't regret it.  I promise.  

A few days ago, my friend Holly wrote this blog post about National Card and Letter Writing Month.  Did you know April is National Card and Letter Writing Month?  Me neither! Ain't nobody told me nothin!  LOL! Holly references this post over at The Art of Manliness, which is all about the beauty, nostalgia and invaluable art of letter writing.  The Art of Manliness post makes me want to get a fountain pen and one of them there wax seals so I can send my letters with a dose of royal style, flair and swag! 

So in honor of National Card and Letter Writing Month and just in time for Mother's Day, Paper Hug Factory is the generous giveaway sponsor for the darling set of cards below.  Do you know about Paper Hug Factory???  It is the handmade greeting card company owned by a friend who is a fabulous, vibrant and sweet, sweet spirit. I just received my personalized set of cards in the mail and I squealed with glee!!! Every card is a miniature work of art and isn't the name Paper Hug just brilliant? And adorable?  I mean, the name Paper Hug truly captures the essence of a handwritten card therefore I lurve it! Click here to check out Paper Hug Factory on Facebook, browse card photos or shop the Paper Hug Etsy store.  Brace yourself because these cards are swoontastical!    

On to the giveaway!!! 

Here is the super cute card set from Paper Hug Factory: 

Waves of Love
  Sending warm thoughts 
                of LOVE 
      and waves of peace 
              your way! 

Mother's Day
        Thanks 4 Everything!                                                       
        Happy Mother's Day!!


I'm gr8ful for you,
I appreci8 you,
And you deserve
to be celebr8ed

*Birthday Hugs*

To be entered into the drawing to win this adorable set of 3 cards, just leave a comment with your favorite thoughts or memories (past or present) about summertime. 

Leave your comment below!  

Contest runs through Monday, April 23, 2012 at midnight (CST).  
Winner be selected by true random sequence number generator @ random.org.  
Winner be announced sometime Tuesday, April 24, 2012.  

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  1. Summertime used to mean freedom.....use to feel free to play outside with friends and family. embrace the flowers and the hot sun. My grandmother used to have a concrete square in her yard that my family and i used as a stage. We remade and created some of THE BEST songs....one of best friends from around age 3 or 4 used to be there.....i remember ALL these things when i think of summertime.......it USED to mean freedom......at least it did to me.


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