life begins

When you stop pretending that you've got it all together.

When you stop pretending like you ever did.

When you surrender to the concept of amazing grace
and dole it out by heaping spoonfuls to yourself and others.

That's right, forgive yourself first; because then it's much easier to release others.

When you admire and appreciate the beauty that surrounds us everyday
in nature and in people of all sizes, shapes and nationalities...
without the thief of comparison and without feeling diminished or insignificant yourself...

When you lose the US vs THEM mentality.

When you recognize and count your blessings even on the toughest days.

Because if you are reading this blog and/or you ate today, you are among the richest in the world.  That's right...  The richest.  

When giving becomes more important than receiving.

When you realize that it's not all about you and it is no longer about what they have or haven't done, but it's about what this heart, this mind and these hands can do for the greater good.  

When you're no longer singing the Everyday Blues and you send the Woe Is Me mentality a packing, that is when life begins, my friends.

Open your eyes to the magnificence that surrounds you.
Unparalleled beauty is just a glance away.

Surrender (again)
to Trust
to Beauty
to Grace
to Love

When you trust the process and accept the divine rhythm that has been given to you for this measure of life.  Then you are fully alive...

Let's go there,


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