humpty dumpty was not an egg

Which makes me wonder who decided that he was?

When you read the story, there is no evidence that supports the assertion that has prevailed throughout the annals of history. Yes, Humpty Dumpty sat, had a great fall, and subsequently broke, but who is to say that HD wasn't a glass trinket, fine china or an exquisite vase (pronounced "vahs" of course).  For all we know, Humpty could have been Tennessee Williams' inspiration for The Glass Menagerie.  The king's horses and men ain't nowhere around to be testifying to accuracy of this here egg business, you know.    

And if Humpty was an exquisite "vahs"... what a demotion?!   Cracked glass beats a cracked egg in my book any day.  Both are a pain to clean up, but to be broken and blinging or broken and oozing yellow?  Why, that's a no brainer. 

Which gets me to thinking...

Let no one write your story for you, dear.  
Sometimes people mix up the details.  
Or their vantage point may be a tad blurry.  
So YOU be the writer of the script, the dreamer of the dream,
the speaker of destiny and truth as it pertains to you.  
Let your words towards yourself be seasoned with grace and encouragement.  
May faith forever be your plumb line.
YOU be your greatest cheerleader. 
Promote yourself like a champion.
Dance around the ring like a prizefighter.
Be your own sponsor 
and no matter how long a particular story has been told about you, 
don't be afraid to rewrite it.  

Because you can.  

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