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I had a fabulous college experience.  I met some of the most wonderful peeps (including my husband!) and it is absolutely delightful whenever I get to talk or re-connect with my college friends.  Recently, I got to hang with a few of my college pals.  We were brought together by way of marriage.  A former wingmate salsa-ed her way into holy matrimony and as a result, we fell right back into our high spirited, fun and mischievous ways.  Here are few quotables from our time together: 

1. THIS IS WHY YOU DON'T STAY-- said when you have been roped into handling responsibilities that are not your own because you lingered too long.  This phrase is to be said with a eyes set straight, mouth on smirk and head gently shaking no-no.  Expert at doing this: KRC

2. plomantic- when a friendship has crossed the platonic line but has yet to fully cross the romantic line, so you're both hanging out in what seems like no-man's-land.  Somewhere between platonic and romantic; a combination of the words PLatonic and rOMANTIC; this little gem was coined by yours truly ;)

3. You go on one roommate-a-date and now you're breastfeeding that man's baby--said in an attempt to capture/reconcile/understand all the time that has passed between now and then.  KRC once again.

4. THE perfect description of our beloved Senora.  She was summed up perfectly by SJC: "Seize the day has nothing on this woman.  She wakes up and murders the day."  #donquixotemeetsJackBauer #venticuatro 

There is SO much more... cooking dough, an eggplant that spills out,  moments that take 7 years off your life, Boo, you like like an alien... I could go on, but I'd be writing forever and I can't just give it all away, you know.  I will say this:  these girls have a piece of my heart and I like to think that I have a piece of theirs.  We laugh hard, keep it real, love fiercely, and we share and savor life.  Celebrate your special peeps today and everyday.  Give them a call, send em a text, do something.  My Grandaddy used to always say, Give people their flowers while they're living.  So, here's a bouquet, Imago Dei!  

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