november = 30 days of thanks

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Day 1: My God, My Husband, My Family and Friends
Day 2: Dakota Bread!!!
Day 3: the fact that seasons change (in life and the weather)
Day 4: a cozy place to live and rest my head
Day 5: experiencing an earthquake (early this am!) and living to tell about it
Day 6: Oscar Mayer center cut/thick cut bacon 
Day 7: rainy days
Day 8: grace, God's unmerited favor
Day 9: laughter
Day 10: yoga
Day 11: good times on Notch and Chandler Lane in Branson, MO
Day 12: the opportunity to work and collaborate with brilliant people 
Day 13: health
Day 14: affordable, accessible over the counter meds
Day 15: The Cosby Show
Day 16: red and yellow leaves
Day 17: cowboy boots
Day 18: my new phone :)
Day 19: Italian food 
Day 20: it's cold enough to light the fireplace
Day 21: music
Day 22: prayers, love and support
Day 23: stargazing in the country
Day 24: twenty four years with my youngest brother Josh
Day 25: mani/pedi with Reet :)
Day 26: My Granny, My Mom and My brother Greg, three of the strongest peeps I know
Day 27: Mariah Carey's first Christmas CD
Day 28: Dunkin Donuts Munchkins (chocolate and blueberry only LOL!)
Day 29: Karen (hair stylist extraordinaire) and my sister in law, Brooke
Day 30: the reality that this life can only make me stronger

For what are you grateful?

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