who you are at home is real... everything else is fake

Hate it or love it, ladies and gentlemen... the statement is true.  

I've been thinking about this post for a few days now...  Looking at myself and my expressions from day to day and place to place...  Am I consistently being my true self  or am I wearing a mask?  These are tough but very important questions to ask along this road of authentic living.  

For me, a disparity cannot exist between who I am at home and who I am out and about.  "Who you are at home is real..."  I treasure this simple statement because it is a reminder to be my best self always and regardless* of location.      

So who am I at home?  That's the place to start because how I behave within the confines of my home is my highest and truest expression.  First, I observe how I behave when I am all alone.  Secondly, how I behave with my family (can be roomies or whoever else lives with you).  Am I happy and chipper?  Melancholy and morose?  A nagging gossiper or uplifting cheerleader?  This simple home evaluation does me a world of good and I hope you will allow it to help you too.  

Evaluate yourself at home over the next few days... Don't ask anybody (to tell you) how you behave at home.  Pay attention to the way you express yourself in your abode.  Don't fake it and turn on the charm over the next few days either.  Keep it real so that you can get a firm grasp on who you are at home and whether or not you like what you see.  

*Shout out to all my people who use the non-word irregardless.  


Would love to hear your thoughts...

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