remember when we helped each other?

Today I am inspired to give and help others... more.  

When I was a little girl, I loved how neighbors gladly helped each other.  If you needed a cup of sugar, help with the kiddos, support or friendly advice, your neighbors were there to offer loving assistance.  Neighbors of long ago inspire me today.  Community spirit... it's time to bring it back, folks.  

I am very fortunate to have incredible neighbors.  One in particular (whom I affectionately call "Neighbor") has become a BFF.  We share, encourage, confide and belly laugh together. Often. Neighbor makes life sweet.  I call her right away if I need cornstarch, milk or a shovel.  We share books, shoes, ice, clothes, garden tools, a vacuum, spices, recipes... everything except the men in our lives!  Sometimes I call on her.  Sometimes she calls on me.  I adore the fact that we have this type of relationship.  I know that I can call on any of my neighbors and if they are able to help me, they will.  Absolutely.

Do you know your neighbors?  If you already do, that is fab!  Keep developing and building a friendly connection.  If you don't know your neighbors or you have labeled them (with or without reason), I challenge you to tear down those walls and be willing to try again.  Just recently I have been challenged in this very area (although it's not with my neighbors)... I choose to believe that with mutual effort, honesty and time, it is possible to rebuild and reconnect.  We are all citizens of this world and if we can't get along with the people closest to us, heaven help us all!  It takes time to get to know people, but it is so worth it.  Today I encourage you to find a way to connect with and help others.  Let's do it!  Together!  Love revolution on 3!

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