the not so much list...

Let me just begin by saying I truly appreciate the LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT that was showered upon me yesterday.  All the support (texts! and emails! and comments! oh my!) makes me feel like the luckiest girl ever.  

Welcome to Day Deux @ Above the Fray... It's so fun getting to know each other and all...  This sorta feels like the beginning of the school year...  Getting to know the teacher... the teacher getting to know you... learning the rules of each classroom...   'Member that???

Well, it has always been odd to me that we introduce ourselves with all the things we adore and rarely ever know (let alone tell) people the things that drive us up the wall.  Why do we keep annoyances on the downlow?  Do we expect people to figure these things out by osmosis?  It can take years (synonymous here with forever) to discover that which annoys the heck out of somebody and by then the bridge is usually going up in flames. 

My new philosophy is this: 
Know thyself... this includes the LOVES and the NOT SO MUCHSIES.  
This link will take you to my LOVES:

BUT since this post is not about my LOVES...  Ladies & Gentlemen...

My Not So Much List:
junk mail
stank breath
lazy peeps
charging my cell phone (can someone create a solution for this already?)
deviled eggs
anything cookie cutter
one way relationships 
potato salad
ppl who talk while the movie is playing 
heavy winter coats
talking when I'm sleepy/hungry or first thing in the AM
mayo, ketchup, pickles, mustard
energy vampires
idle chitchat
whipped cake frosting (gag!!!)
mean people
drama kings or queens
moles having a hayday in my backyard
living a mediocre existence (not honoring my dreams and passions)
personal space invaders
stinky burps to the face or burps in close quarters

I initially came across the idea of a NO List in an awesome book by Cheryl Richardson called The Art of Extreme Self Care.  The idea seemed selfish and pessimistic to me at first glance; however, I am starting to realize:

The power of knowing how and when to say NO will allow me to say YES appropriately and without reservation.  

What about you... 
Are you any good at saying NO?  
What are some of the things on your Not So Much List?  


  1. Hey hey it's Ray-Ray
    Again, I have to say I love this!!

    Good at saying no - better than I used to be, but still plenty of room for growth/progress.

    On my list of "not so much" -
    slow drivers in the left lane
    shoes that hurt
    100+degree heat in the summer
    mean people
    those flim-flam mottos people invent at New Year's (2008 is gonna be great - i am not afraid to shoot you)

    And YOU will NEVER be on this list! :)

  2. Ray, you're hilarious! Thank you for the support! I REALLY appreciate cha! ;D


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