forever friends


You know... the people who have always got your back

Will tell you the truth 

Especially when/if no one else will

Walk through fire with you

Sing on the mountain top with you

Cheer for and celebrate you

Love you regardless and unconditionally

Laugh with you

Pray with you

Cry with you too

Forever friends are timeless.  Sometimes it's people you've known forever.  Sometimes it's people you've know for a year.  You can belly laugh, share your hopes and sorrows, and really expose the depth of who you are.  It is safe here.  The currency is love and vulnerability, two things that never go out of style but just appreciate with time.  

Do you have these sorta people in your life?  I hope you do. 

They're the people that you know you'll always be friends with.  The friends you talk to every day, every other day, day after day.  The friends you can go for months without talking to, but when you do talk, it's as if no time has passed.  Forever friends... today I honor and celebrate you.  You know who you are and I love you dearly.  Each one of you... dearly love.  You encourage and inspire me.  Your fabulous friendship makes life doubly sweet.



  1. So glad you are my forever friend. Blessed by you and yours.

  2. You're a true blue forever friend.


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