30 days of thanks


Day 1: sunshine + blue sky
Day 2: smoothies
Day 3: family (for me, family = relatives and friends) :)
Day 4: my hubster who loves me + supports me + likes me 
Day 5: kindred spirits
Day 6: the opportunity to vote 
Day 7: a long talk with a great friend
Day 8: our fun-loving, free-spirited kiddo
Day 9: music!!!
Day 10: good eats w-my peeps #crackerbarrel
Day 11: mi casa
Day 12: homemade cookies fresh out the oven
Day 13: divine appointments
Day 14: rest and recovery 
Day 15: technology that keeps me in touch w-family & friends near & far
Day 16: charitable organizations
Day 17: Netflix 
Day 18: snuggles
Day 19: seeing a friend accomplish a goal #priceless
Day 20: road trips!
Day 21: my brother, my sista-in-love and my nephew 
Day 22: smoked brisket and mi madre
Day 23: bamboo, fudge & Aunt Sissy
Day 24: an unexpected meal on the house
Day 25: friendship
Day 26: hot tea
Day 27: handwritten notes via snail mail
Day 28: medicine
Day 29: an easy, delicious, not too dry or hard as a rock scone recipe!
Day 30: lovely neighbors

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