dear blog, I've been cheating on you...

With Twitter.  

At first it was the cute bird that got my attention...

You know how much I like birds, right?

Then it was 140 characters... 

Because it is so much easier to share thoughts in short rapid fire bursts.  

You know what I mean?  

How many characters does it take to fill an entire blank page anyway?  


Plus, I had another mishap with that certain someone who simply refuses to respect my boundaries... that always leaves me feeling a bit out of whack.  Then, I got to feeling sick... there's just been a bunch going on, you know?

There's ALOTTA good stuff blooming too... #futureblogtopics  

Look, even though I've been super busy lately, I do love you and I think of you often.  And I think I'm over my experiment obsession with the 140 rapid fire character bursts.  I think.  

We both know I've been thinking pondering really deep things lately... things that are tough to fully express of right now, anyway.  And you know my style... when there's nothing to say, silence is golden.  

Just know that it's not you... it's me... and one day I will explain my tryst with Twitter... if I can ever find the right words, that is...  

You know I have several posts in the works...  Several.  I will start completing them and come back to you... Pinky Promise.  

I mean you both can be in my life being social media and all... I'm still finding just the right balance* so thank you kindly for your patience.  

Now that I've made up with my blog, I can say: 

I'm back and I sure have missed ya'll!!! If any of you'uns are on twitter, come say howdy!  Click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE  to check out some of my rapid-fire-blog-cheatin-tweets ;D

smooches, darlings!


* the key word that keeps showing up over and over in my life :)

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