spring break!!!

Is it just me or does anybody else still live their life according to the high school or college calendar?  


Maybe it's the school teacher in me.  I dunno, but even though I am a grown woman, I still refer to seasons of life according to the school calendar.  It is highly likely that I will never stop.  And I'm ok with that.  

 Even during my stint in the corporate world, I was
 appalled when I found out that we did not observe  
 Fall Break, Spring Break or Summer Break for that 
 matter.  So appalled that I spoke to my boss about 
 it.  Yeah... He didn't get it.  

 So, today I just want to say: Happy Spring Break to 
 ya!!! Enjoy your relaxing or your travels!!! I know I 
 will!  Whatever you do this break*... do it with all 
 your heart.  


*just make sure whatever you're doing is not something that you'd be embarrassed for your Granny to see.  #springbreakrulenumber1

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