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So I'm still rocking my sackcloth and ashes, but mostly for dramatic effect.  A girl can only thrash and wail so much and then it's like... Wait, is that a scratch on my arm?  Is that my stomach growling?  Lemme go get some Neosporin and a snack...

I found some cute shoes that work with the sackcloth, rinsed the ashes out of my hair and put on some chapstick because my lips were oh so dry.  I drank a big ol' mason jar of water too.  Turns out ashes are really drying to the skin and all.  I think I need to find a more moisturizing manner of mourning, especially during the winter.  If winter is still what this time of year is called anymore...  I don't know about your neck of the woods, but around here we've had weather ranging from 70-30 degrees... sunshine and shorts weather one day then a light dusting of snow the next.  Chile*, creation is groaning... makes me wonder if Mother Nature is rocking sackcloth too?  Girl, you can borrow my shoes anytime!!!

sassy sackcloth shoes

So, before I took my grief to the curb, I was jamming to the most amazing "January theme song"...  Wait, you have theme songs aka a soundtrack for life, too, right?  Since I hear and see life (mostly) in giggles and music, there is a theme song (or a laugh) for everything including the hard times.  Wailing on the curb, I heard the melancholy yet magnificent singing of Adele. Though I find her lyrics to be a tidge too depressing for everyday life, I heard her lovely voice singing "Rolling in the Deep" as the backdrop of my bereavement.  

Can't you just see me thrashing in sync with the drum beat and tearing at my sackcloth as she singing out the word "alllllllllllllllllllllll"?  ...Until I got hungry, of course.  

Well today I have on my sassy sackcloth shoes (click the link above if you want a pair!) and my January theme song is back on rotation and blasting loudly.  Have you ever heard "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars?  Check it out below... I lurve it!  The melody, the lyrics... swoon-tastical.  Seriously, the words to this song speak to me on a deep, spiritual level.  Listen and lemme know what you think.  I'm jamming over here in my sassy shoes and sackcloth, but it's starting to get itchy, so I'd better go do some laundry.  Loveu!


* this is not the country in South America, but a southern pronunciation of the word child, which is used most often in conversation with a good friend. If what one is saying happens to be real good or extra-extra juicy, the word chile  is often preceded by the word honey.  

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