keep on keeping on

Yesterday was a little rough.  

It started out with major communication irritations, peaked in a nostalgic-sentimental mood and then plummeted into a furious funk.  I still don't really understand how I went from one extreme to the other, but it happened nonetheless.  Gratefully, I didn't say or do anything yesterday that I regret today. 

As I wrote complaints from the cloud of fury into my journal last night, the negative energy was overwhelming so I wrote out a simple prayer and asked God to "meet me right now... to raise me up to him... to save me from my mess... from help me stop hating the things I cannot change about this life... to give me strength and courage to change the things I can..."  I also told him that I am "desperate for you to answer because I am on the last fiber of the thread that was once a rope."  I ended with two thoughts of gratitude (in direct opposition to the pervasive funk!), put my pen down and shut my journal.  

This morning... not too long ago, actually, I heard encouraging words in my heart, soul and spirit.  Words that are just too good to keep to myself.  So in case you need a reminder (like I did...), here goes:

"We are building something here that does not depend on how you feel at any given moment.  It is not about your lifetime; it's about your legacy."

I am holding onto this nugget of truth today and I hope you will grasp hold of it too.  We are part of something much greater than we can see, fathom or completely comprehend.  Let's encourage and remind each other (especially on the rough days!) that we are cultivating a legacy so it IS worth it to keep going.  


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