you are not alone

Sometimes I pretend like I am all alone in this world.  A stereotypically and instantly oprhaned Disney character left to make it through life on my own far away from home.  I do not know why I do this.  Maybe it is my creative-dramatic personality or just an independent-loner mentality.  Maybe it's a little bit of both.  Regardless, the lonely card is absolutely bogus, ridiculous untruth.  

So today I think what if I stop telling myself that I am all alone in this world?

What if I start remembering all the instances of laughter, love and undeniable this-person-is-in-my-corner-ness that is there? Oh yes, it is there... if only we will acknowledge it.  

For me lately, support has revealed itself in the following ways: 

unwavering love, support and loyalty that is my hubster

connecting with a bestie (friends since high school) umpteen years later and through it all, the love grows deeper still

full-bodied conversation with a forever friend I met way back in college

belly laughs regarding foolywank performances, Wolverine, ice sculptures and the engraving of a machete

kindred spirits traveling cross country and back with a kitty cat to boot #goodtimes 

friends forev
swimming and soaking up the sun on the 4th of July

keeping it real about struggles, transitions and life lessons

an encouraging comment or email that comes along right when I'm wondering if this blog thing even matters (You know who you are and I truly appreciate your heartfelt expressions. For reals, I do.)

witnessing a dream come true for my little one via Mam, Pap, Aunt Sissy and Kasey the Power Ranger 

connecting over coffee and goodies that were microwaved too long... legs with milk spots #LOL

safety, protection, provision, guardian angels, a cousin-sister, snuggles, chasing lightning bugs, dancing and doing the daily work of being my best self.  

All evidence of a lavish life full of love, encouragement and unwavering support.  You have it too, you know.  Yes, there is always a handful of haters fringe minority handful of haters who don't understand, but that's OK because: 

1. I don't get them either lol! 
2.  What others think of me is none of my business, 'member?
3.  Haters gonna hate, so let 'em hate while we live a life that's great (haha I rhymed! #rapperswag ... not really lol)

When I look around and see how many people I love, how many people love me and are in my corner, it makes my heart smile and then swell with love and gratitude.  Today I hope that you will open your eyes to the caring connections, lavish love and steady support that you have in your life because it is there.  Undeniably.  

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  1. Crying like a baby reading this post! Love love love! So glad we have reconnected to share new adventures. Looking forward to many more! Hugs! Love to your amazing hubs and precious son! - Aunt Sissy and Boots kitters


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